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How to convey any product flawlessly from A to B - whether horizontal, inclined or vertical - making your operation more efficient and saving cash at the same time 

Dear reader,

my name is Frank Brinkmann, I am the founder, owner and managing director of Agrartechnik Brinkmann and we provide solutions for the transport of all your products.

I want to show you how you can transport every product perfectly from A to B - whether horizontally, diagonally or vertically - making your business more efficient and saving money at the same time.
Irrespective of whether you work in agriculture or another industry!

Probably one of these two sceneries applies to you


- Scenario #1: You want to convey one or more products from A to B and are now looking for a solution. After an google search, you don't feel much wiser about which conveyor to use, because you now heard of certain conveyor systems. You have probably encountered terms such as bucket elevators, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, conveyor belts and tube chain conveyors.

- Scenario #2: You have searched purposefully for tube chain conveyors and want to inform yourself more about it and possibly get offers now.

Am I right?

An offer you can't refuse!

Here's the deal:

I will now explain to you why your conveying problem is solved by us and how we will solve your conveying problem so that you drastically increase the efficiency of your business!

And for that, I demand only one thing: 3 minutes of your valuable time!

Why it is worth it for you:

In the end, you will have understood why the tube chain conveyor is the only solution for a perfect transport from A to B - and at the same time cheaper and higher quality than all other conveyor units.

As you may have noticed, this is not a normal product page ... just as we are not a normal company! We demand from ourselves that every single customer understands what he needs and what he can get from us in the end!

Therefore we do not want a normal standard product page with a picture, a small text according to the standard motto "We are great,, we are market leaders and our product has these details bla bla". 

Do we have a deal?

Why is the tube chain conveyor the only real solution for a perfect transport from A to B?

can transport over a length of 6 football pitches -> up to 600m wide !

can transport a full truck of your products in one hour (60 m3/H output at 7.5 kW for "Type 273")

Transports in comparison to other conveying systems also vertically without any problem

Our tube chain conveyor conveys vertically without any problem because the conveyor discs have a small distance of 160mm to 200mm to each other and thus a low product slip in the vertical state would be absorbed by the next chambers of the chain - in the vertical conveying most other units disappoint.

Our excellent tube chain conveyor is a well thought-out modular system!
Rohrkettenforderanlage - Industr ie.jpg

The heart of the modular system is the drive station that drives a conveyor chain or rope.

The conveyor chain (or rope) is located in tubes whose size is determined by the power required by the chain or rope.

Inlets are placed at the points where you want to let in your products.

Outlets are used to discharge your products at the points you select.

Because our tube chain conveyor is free of dead space, your products can be easily changed due to the high self-cleaning power, so that no residues remain.

Furthermore, different products can be let in at the individual strands and then left out later without ever encountering or mixing the products. 


They are highly flexible because the number of entries and outlets is unlimited.

Deflecting corners ensure that the tube chain conveyor adapts to your desired length and operation.

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Different tube chain conveyors for industrial and agricultural applications

Our tube chain conveyors are specially designed for use in agriculture or other industrial applications!

Since our tube chain conveyors are used in industry for 24h continuous operation 365 days a year and our tube chain conveyors for agriculture "only" a few hours, we adapt the material and the drive station as well as the deflection corners to your needs.
For example, a deflecting corner for industrial use weighs around 25kg and in agriculture around 9kg. 

We can therefore state that our excellent tube chain conveyors are designed to meet your needs! 

No matter if you want to transport:


Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-14 um 21.50.07.pn
Ask us if we can also transport your specific product ... I promise we can and will!
Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-14 um 22.06.25.pn

The HIGHLIGHTS of our tube chain conveyors

Rohrkettenförderer, Stetigförderer, Schnecke
for agriculture
for use in industrial applications

24h continuous operation 365 days a year due to extremely high quality for industrial applications

Reduces your operating costs, because the tube chain conveyor has a low energy requirement (e.g. 4kW at 10 m³/h) and requires very low-maintenance

Also promotes your toxic, explosive, sticky and chemically aggressive products !

For the conveyance of your food also in food-safe executable

Increased safety for you, because our tube chain conveyors are dust, gas and pressure tight - unlike other conveyors

Gentle and quiet transport in your company

Conveys up to 60 m³/h of your products

Conveys up to 600m away from you 

Increases your company hygiene, because less lining remains in the pipeline, as we use innovative deflection corners that function without a ball bearing deflection wheel.

Offers you strong protection in chloride & ammonia containing environments by 3% magnesium AluMag pipe

Long-lasting, because we do not use galvanized steel as most companies. Instead we use special tubes which are 10x more robust

You can easily change your product because your tube chain conveyor has a high degree of self-cleaning (no dead space).

Reliable in your outdoor area too, because our deflectors protect against moisture with rain protection covers

Amazingly safe and smart because your tube chain conveyor shuts down when the rotation monitor senses an unwanted speed

Transport of Coffee

Transport of Coffee
Transport of Coffee
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Transport of Coffee

Transport of Pieces of Wood
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Transport of Pieces of Wood

Drive station - Antriebsstation
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Drive station - Antriebsstation

Thank you greatly for reading!


Frank Brinkmann

and the entire Agrartechnik Brinkmann team

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