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Your storage solution with which you never have to worry again about your products and which discharges each of your products like in an hourglass - no matter how granular, firm or sticky!

for agriculture
for industrial application
for municipalities (salt silos)
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Your product stays fresh like in a cling film because polyester insulates best against moisture

Your product remains pure, because the risk of condensation is minimized since polyester has a high insulation value - higher than stainless steel - and therefore outside temperature hardly impacts silo temperature

You save money because our polyester silos have an extremely long service life of up to 30 years

Your maintenance costs are about 0 €, because our silos show the least wear and tear

Smooth emptying and changeover of your products, because dry residues stick less to the walls, due to the very high surface density, which ensures a smooth inner wall and a smooth funnel - and which is higher than as an example with stainless steel

A silo is not just a silo.

Just as a car is not a car.

Not every product can be stored in every silo.
It is important that the bulk density and the flow characteristics
must be taken into account in the technical design of the silo.
Silo suppliers often also use silos for heavy stored goods, although their silos are only designed for a bulk density of 600 kg/cbm.
This is dangerous and also not allowed!

Make sure that your silo is approved for the bulk density!

Frank Brinkmann,
Founder and Managing Director
of Agrartechnik Brinkmann GmbH

 Our silos store for example: 

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and many more!

With us you get ...


2 TYPES of silos:

One type is made of one piece, there are no screw connections.

With the second type of silo, the cylinder and cone are screwed together after transport.
There are no screws inside the silo so that your product continues to
flow off perfectly.
This silo type we recommended for customers abroad to
reduce transport costs tremendously,
because with this silo type we can transport up to 15 silos on one single truck.


An extensive range of accessories for discharge gate valves, vibrating trays, level monitors, level gauges, filter technology and safety through innovative explosion protection equipment (ATEX)

Safety is crucial for us.

We ensure that our access ladders, standing platforms, railings and catwalks comply with accident prevention regulations (UVV).


We will be pleased to carry out a risk assessment of your stored goods with you and discuss with you the necessary measures to assist discharge, to prevent a dust explosion and to prevent damage caused by overpressure during pneumatic filling.

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Additional highlights:

Silos that meet your needs and fit as perfectly as a custom made suit

You will receive a tested type statics for our silos immediately upon request.

Up to 1500 m³ and up to 
3000 kg/m³ bulk density

In all colors of the RAL table

On request with matching spiral conveyor and weighing device (calibratable)

Our experience:
Projects on several continents and 
reference customers

NEW: Only with us you can get attractive leasing offers for your silos !